The initiative

Distanced Assemblage is a collaborative, artist-led initiative based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our goal is to make a positive impact in the wellbeing and visibility of people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds by providing opportunities to engage in art making. 

We believe that communities who collectively engage in creative thinking are more resilient and better equipped to tackle political and social adversities. Therefore, we aim to help people and communities connect through collaborative art projects in order to promote a sense of belonging and inspire positive changes in their lives and environment.

Distanced Assemblage is a collaboration between independent artists and Glasgow Woman’s Library's BME Developmen officer, Syma Ahmed. The initiative is a response to notions of migration, displacement and the value of art amid the social distancing situation generated by the Covid -19 pandemic. We have a series of ongoing projects and open calls, including an exiting invitation to take part in a collaborative work for the world-wide Refugee Festival.

Our program of events is constantly being updated. You can keep up-to-date by subscribing to our mailing list or visiting our social media accounts.

Artists & Collaborators

Paria Moazemi Goodarzi

A visual artist graduated on Textile Design in 2000 and currently studying Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental art at Glasgow School of Art. She has worked with various communities and organisations focused on women’s and minority group’s wellbeing since 2012.

As part of her artistic practice, she works with a wide variety of media both in Gallery spaces and site-specific projects. Her main concerns pivot around the idea of displacement as a result of social and political changes and their relation to the subject’s body and space.  Her work often uses sculpture and installation that draw inspiration from people’s and her own experiences.

Francisco Llinas Casas

Venezuelan artist based in the UK, currently student of Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art. As part his body of work, he has engaged in collaborative projects focused on social art practice, such as the creation of a community gallery, facilitation of workshops and other community-oriented artistic activities.

His work deals with notions of displacement, cultural identity, the social contrast between Europe and Latin America, as well his own migratory reality amid the Bolivarian Diaspora. His pieces are often presented in the form of installations that feature sound, video and odour; arrangements of sculptural objects, drawings and prints.

Syma Ahmed

Development Officer at Glasgow Women’s Library offering creative learning opportunities for Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women in Glasgow.  Her works involves connecting the women to GWL courses and events, and developing projects which are relevant and accessible for diverse women living in Glasgow.  Furthermore, her work celebrates the success & achievements of BAME women through capturing & compiling their stories and preserving them at the Women’s Library.

Often working alongside Women of Colour creatives, her projects make a making a positive impact on the wider Scottish arts culture by making it more innovative, diverse and representative of the people living in Scotland today.